TACOMA, Wash. -- Security is extremely tight at Joint Base Lewis McChord Thursday, after an FBIbulletin warned of possible retaliation for the shootings of 16 civilians in Afghanistan.

JBLMofficials would not comment on any security at the base. Military men and women were reluctant to talk about the warning on homegrown extremists.

We train so much we dont have time to think about it, said one soldier.

However, the concern of homegrown threats reaches beyond the gates of JBLM. It's a part of life in Lakewood, Dupont, Tillicum, surrounded by families and neighbors.

I feel better about being around the base, said a neighbor.

I have to trust that our military and police are watching out and that we're protected. I just try to be as diligent as I can, said military mom Sydney Hennessy.

Lakewood Police also received the FBI bulletin. They said they are not making any security changes, but are more aware of calls for service related to JBLM.

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