SEATTLE No people were hurt in a Seattle house fire Monday, but one cat was killed and another had to be resuscitated.

The first arriving Engine Company found dark smoke pouring from a kitchen window of the home, fire officials said.

One firefighter found a cat that was having seizures from smoke inhalation.. Medics used a specially designed pet oxygen mask to treat the cat. The animal was transported to a local animal hospital for medical attention.

The homeowner is the founder of Furry Faces Foundation and was fostering 14 cats at her home. One 16-year-old did not survive the heavy smoke. Animal Control was called to the scene to help with the animals.

Fire officials say the kitchen fire started when debris fell on a hot plate left plugged in.

The damage estimate is $60,000 to the structure and $10,000 to the contents. Kitty Harbor will take care of the remaining 12 cats while the homeowner stays with friends.

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