CAMANO ISLAND, Wash. -- Mike Nestor was victimized.

If I lived in Seattle, I'd lock my car, but up here ya don't, said Nestor.

He lost credit cards, a passport and a camera after someone robbed his truck's glove box outside his Camano Island home.

That camera came back and it had that photo of him, said Nestor.

The photo was that of Colton Harris-Moore. The famous self portrait will prompt Nestor to visit a Whidbey Island courtroom Friday.

I don't like that photo cause he's got that really smug look on his face...with my camera, said Nestor.

The 20-year-old will make his first court appearance before cameras. It is expected he will plead guilty to more than thirty local crimes--and bring traffic to this normally bucolic burgh.

In Coupeville, where it is tough to even find a traffic light, the Island County Sheriff's Department will close off a roughly eight block stretch to try and keep people away from the courthouse.

We're gonna stay home and hope it doesn't bother us too much, said one resident.

Defense attorneys will argue Harris-Moore's crimes, including stealing planes and boats, are all linked to a horrible upbringing by his mother.

I still don't think it gives him a right to go and steal people's property and steal other people's property...more than once...more than twice...more than ten times, said Nestor.

Nestor has little sympathy.

I think he should get the full the 10 years, said Nestor.

He says even Harris-Moore's expected restitution from a movie deal won't pay to rebuild the sense of security he once felt.

I look forward to seeing him in handcuffs or leg irons, said Nestor. I think everyone on the island will be relieved about him not setting foot here for a while.

Harris-Moore's mother, Pam Kohler, hasn't decided whether she will attend the hearing Friday.

Kohler tells KING 5's Chris Daniels that the accusations against her are, nothing but lies.

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