SEATTLE -- Beth Varner lined up early this afternoon at Best Buy to get a good deal on a television. She's one of many across the region that are giving up Thanksgiving in the name of a bargain.

It used to be Thanksgiving dinner was planned around half time of the football game. Now it's around what's the best sale, saidBob Hart, store manager of the Kmart in Seattle.

Varner believes sales are trumping turkey dinners because the economy isn't what it used to be. She tells us if she couldn't get the television for the sale price she wouldn't be able to afford it. Besides it's family time.

My brother is with me, so I guess you could call it a family thing, said Varner.

Ed Plank will be out tomorrow for different reasons. We caught him staking out the products this evening for the sale Kmart is having Thanksgiving morning.

To me it's just another day. I'm retired. You can't take a vacation from retirement, said Plank.

Regardless, stores are ready and willing to do business.

Kmart opens up at 6 a.m. Thursday morning while Toys R Us, Best Buy and Target open later Thursday evening.

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