YUBA COUNTY, Calif. The man accused, along with his girlfriend, in the murder of an Everett couple, an Oregon teen and a California man in a multi-state killing spree said he has been misrepresented in the media.

In a letter addressed to KGW's Mike Benner, a reporter at KING 5's sister station in Portland, David Pedersen said he did not target Oregon teen Cody Myers because his name sounded Jewish, as reported in a newspaper article. He said, suggest that we based the commandeering of a vehicle on the owner of said vehicle s last name is patently absurd.

Pedersen, 31, and his girlfriend, Holly Grigsby, 24, were arrested in Myers stolen car on a California freeway in early October. Earlier that same day, police identified remains found in the woods in Oregon as 19-year-old Myers and said he died of gunshot wounds to the head and chest.

California troopers said the couple had several guns in their possession when they were captured.

In the letter to KGW, Pedersen said he and Grigsby had future plans, and a goal, had they not been captured.

In the vehicle we were in at the time of arrest were some things that give a better idea of what our goal was, he wrote.

Pedersen previously spoke with a reporter for The Appeal Democrat by phone from jail in California. That reporter said Pedersen admitted that he killed his father and stepmother.

Court documents also showed that police said Grigsby confessed to taking part in the murder of Pedersen s stepfather and Myers murder.

Both Pedersen and Grigsby recently pleaded not guilty in California court to charges of weapons possession and vehicle theft. They also agreed to be extradited to Washington, where the alleged crime spree began.

Investigators believe Pedersen killed his father, David Jones Pedersen, and his stepmother, Leslie Pedersen in Everett sometime on or around September 29. They think the couple killed Myers after the teen arrived in Newport on October 1st. The fourth victim was a California man named Reginald Clark, who was found dead in his car in Eureka.

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