The workplace rarely smells this good.

We were at Phobac on Rainier Ave. South to shoot a story about the Seattle Pho-Natics. These are people who love their Pho, traditional Vietnamese noodle soup. They love it so much they get together about once a month, try a new restaurant ( Hundreds, there must be hundreds in Seattle says club president Sean Hoops) and chat and laugh and get to know the newbies over steaming bowls of pho.

The broth really makies it , says one Pho-Natic, between chopstick loads of noodles, and for me, the chicken, I like the way they do it here.

Pho is really about the broth agrees another, the beef and the noodles come after that.

Hoops moved to Seattle from Denver, discovered Pho and was amazed at the number, range and quality of the restaurants in this area. He loved the stuff, he had friends who loved the stuff and he decided to take that Pho-love and turn it into a social club with an ever-changing clubhouse.

Quick as you can say beef and garlic he had a Facebook page up and was gaining new members every month. Thirty people turned out for dinner Monday night. Sean says the club now has more than 120 members.

Soup as the central focus of a social club? Hey why not, it seems to be working! Right down to the black Seattle Pho-Natics t-shirts they had made.

Everybody loves Pho says Hoops earnestly, that's what brings us together.

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