SEATTLE There is outrage from friends and family members of a well-known Google engineer who was killed by an alleged drunk driver.The suspect had a blood alcohol level four times the legal limiit. Yet he was allowed to post bail and go free.

There's no reason he should be out enjoying life right now when he's taken an amazing person from us, said Samantha Idle, who is mourning the needless death of her good friend Steve Lacey. The Google software engineer was killed by an alleged drunk driver.

On Sunday afternoon, Lacey was killed on Northeast 85th in Kirkland as he drove home from Costco. Patrick Rexroat, allegedly under the influence of road rage and excessive alcohol, lost control of his SUV and slammed into Lacey's BMW.

Police say Rexroat's alcohol level was four times the legal limit.

At two in the afternoon, it doesn t make sense, said Idle.

At his first court hearing on Monday, Rexroat, 56,got a lucky break.

The state asked for $1 million bail. But because Rexroat had no prior convictions, Judge David Christie set bail at $50,000 and Rexroat walked.

He shouldn t have the freedom to be at home sitting on the couch, probably drinking right now, said Idle.

There was no sign of Rexroat Tuesday at his Snohomish home.

At the Kirkland crash site, a flower memorial grows. Also growing is anger that the suspect is free.

He should be in jail. He should never see the light of day again.

On Wednesday, the prosecutor will likely bring charges of vehicular homicide, which carries a sentence of three to four years. The state will probably seek and extended sentence.

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