SEATTLE--The galley of a Washington state ferry reopened Friday after a rat problem was discovered earlier this month.

The problem does not appear to be widespread, but workers on the ferry Kitsap first reported a sighting on May 9. The vessel's operation log shows a worker saw a rat on a galley counter. Engine room employees noticed two more, and one galley worker was so upset, she went home.

The log also recorded a report that a rat squeezed into the ferry's vending machine.

Sunrise Pest Management was called in to exterminate. Technicians say they are confident there is no infestation of any kind. The Kitsap passed a Coast Guard inspection after being thoroughly disinfected.

Rats frequent the waterfront, but while experts say rats on boats are rare, they can still essentially get on board anytime they want.

It would be easy for a rodent to walk right down the road at night or walk right up the [ferry] ramp, said Dylan Ambauen from Sunrise Pest.

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