SEATTLE -- A lawsuit against King County is revealing new concern about a possible terrorist attack on Metro buses.

It surrounds a controversial bus ad campaign KING 5 first reported in December. The response to the campaign was so heated, county leaders feared for the safety of bus drivers and passengers.

The anti-Israeli ad campaign featuring a bus billboard that said: Israeli war crimes -- your tax dollars at work. It was paid for by SeaMAC, the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign.

At first Metro said it had no grounds to refuse to post the paid ad, but then changed its mind. SeaMAC protested, then sued.

Court documents reveal the county was flooded with emails about the proposed advertisement. Many of the responses were emotional and some were threatening. One person slipped disturbing photos of bombed buses and dead bus riders under the door at the Metro Customer Service Center.

The US attorney advised Metro that public transportation systems are targets of choice for terrorists, referring to the Madrid commuter train bombings and the subway bombings in London. The county also claimed information about the Metro ad controversy was found posted on a website for Ezzedeen Al Qassam, the armed branch of Hamas.

Both sides are set to argue the motion for preliminary injunction next Monday at 10 am in U.S. District Court.

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