PORT ORCHARD, Wash. Two people aredead and two Kitsap County deputies were wounded in a shooting at a Walmart in Port Orchard. The deputieswere reported to bein satisfactory condition Monday morning.

Theincident began at about 3:45 p.m. Sunday atthe store on Bethel Road Southeast.

Kitsap County Deputy Sheriff Scott Wilson said three deputies had responded to a call about a suspicious person at the Walmart.

Wilson said when deputies tried to contact the man, he ran away.

As he was running away he turned around and fired at the deputies, said Wilson. Deputies returned fire.

Two male deputies were wounded. The suspect was shot by a female deputy anddied at the scene.

Wilson said a young woman was also shot and later died at the hospital. The deputieswere taken to Tacoma General Hospital.

Mark Fulghum of Tacoma Police, speaking on behalf of the KitsapCounty Sheriff's Office,said both male deputies are in satisfactory condition. He said he believes they were both shot in the torso.

I've seen just the one deputy, he's in one of the rooms talking with family and coworkers, said Fulghum. In this case, both of the deputies are going to be fine. They're going to be kept overnight for observation.

Emile Jones watched the shooting unfold while sitting in her SUV in the parking lot.

They were, like, getting ready to handcuff him. He flung out, out of his hands, and ran towards the woods and, like, looked back and pulled a gun out of his jacket and looked back and started shooting at the cops, Jones said.

Witness Zach Mendiola said he was coming out of a nearby Wendy's when he heard nine shots.

He said he saw thatthe windows of a police car were shot up.

The whole window was shot up and cracked and all broken up, he said.

Mendiola said police and Walmart security were on the scene in minutes.

In the first five minutes there was already 12 police cars there and then ambulances came just as fast, he said.

Inside the store, people began screaming and running.

We were about to get in line to leave and all of a sudden there was a stampede of customers that just started running, like in panic, said Sheena in a telephone call to KING 5 News. And, with my children that I had with me in the store, I was scared myself, but someone started screaming that there was a shooting in front and to get down.

A lot of us ran toward the back of the store and the people that were back there didn't even know what was going on, said another woman.

The store was locked down for about 20 minutes.

As soon as we got out you could see there was a lot of police everywhere, the womansaid.

Wilson said no other suspects were involved in the incident. As the investigation continued, authorities and witnesses said it appears the two who died, the man and young woman, were together at the store.

Police have not identified the man but sayidentification he was carrying shows he is a 31-year-old from out-of-state with no known Washington ties. The woman was not carrying any identification.

Police have not said why someone thought the man was acting suspiciously.

Police towed away a blue van as part of the investigation.

Wilson said the female deputy is on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.

The Washington State Patrol is taking over the investigation.

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