SEATTLE --One of the first officers to arrive at the sceneafter First Nationswoodcarver John Williams was shot by Seattle Police Officer Ian Birk last summer testified Friday in the inquest into the fatal shooting.

Seattle Police Officer William Collins told the jury that the knife Williams was carrying was not open but still presented a danger to Officer Birk.

A closed knife poses the same threat as an open knife. If a person is aggressive, a knife isathreat.Our job is to stop someone walking with a knife, said Collins.

Birk said he shot and killed Williams because the woodcarver wouldn't drop his knife.

A medical examiner also testified Fridayregarding Williams' autopsy. He detailed the wounds caused by four bullets that hitWilliams' right side.

The first one entered on the right side of the chin and went through the tissue under the chin, said Dr. Aldo Fusaro.

Fusaro testified Williams was intoxicated at the time.

The inquest will be off for the Martin Luther King Holiday on Monday, and testimony is expected to continue through next week.

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