SEATTLE -- Investigators say the Seattle Police officer who punched a teenage girl after she shoved him last June acted accordingly.

Officer Ian Walsh was videotaped stopping two girls for jaywalking across Martin Luther King Junior Way South in Seattle's Rainier Valley. The tape shows Walsh handcuff a 19-year-old girl, while her friend, Angel Rosenthall, attempted to intervene.

Rosenthall later admitted to provoking Officer Walsh by shoving him. Walsh was videotaped punching Rosenthall in the face.

According to Seattle Police, the Office of Professional Accountability investigated the incident interviewing witnesses and reviewing the tactics used by Officer Walsh.

OPAofficials agreed Walsh performed his duties within the scope of department policies and procedures.

Rosenthall later plead guilty to 4th degree assault charges stemming from the incident.

I would just like to apologize again for the whole situation and to him even though he's not here, Rosenthall said in October.

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