SEATTLE- After a bloody month of June in the Belltown neighborhood, Seattle PoliceInterim Chief John Diaz says You'll see a more visible presence. We'll bring officers from different parts to assist.

Sunday, a drive-by shooting atFifth Avenueand Bell Street injured a young man. That same night, a man was beaten for defending his girlfriend from cat calls. Two weeks ago, there was adeadly shooting onSecond Avenue.

The violence in Belltown can be dealt with today. saidSeattle City CouncilmemberTim Burgess,chair of the Public Safety Committee. Burgess says the mayor should have cracked down in Belltown long ago. We have almost 1,300 sworn officers in Seattle. If wecan't handle a problem like Belltown, that bringsserious concerns about management and deployment.

Mayor Mike McGinn says he will soon unveil an anti-crime program, bringing more police enforcement to neighborhoods with nightclubs andother late night entertainment.

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