TACOMA, Wash. - Tacoma's planned boycott of Arizona businesses has taken another strange turn Tuesday night after the council failed to pass a watered-down version of the ban.

Council member Ryan Mello was backing the original boycott, but altered the language after he admitted, The B Word has become a lightning rod.

Local reaction, including a KING5 Survey USApoll, suggested Tacomans were opposed to the ban.

Mello, along with councilwoman Lauren Walker, presented a modified resolution which only called for the Grand Canyon State to rescind or amend its recently passed immigration law, and also urged the federal government to adopt comprehensive immigration reform.

Yet, after 3 hours of public debate, the council couldn't reach a consensus Tuesday. The 4-2 vote was short of the 5 votes needed for passage, so the council decided to revisit the issue at the next council meeting onMay 25.

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