Video: State going after unlicensed electrical contractor

Eighty two-year-old Dorothy Youngblood had a big problem when her furnace started blowing non-stop heat in the middle of the summer.

"It was over 90 degrees," she said.

Her daughter Gina called Tacoma's A Quality Heating and Cooling, and after paying them $579, the heat kicked right back on, and mama wasn't happy with the contractor.

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"I would have shaken him so hard I would have shaken his head off," she said.

The family called me, and I learned that Ernie Teutscher, the man who did the electrical work on Dorothy's furnace, wasn't a certified electrician.

Now the Department of Labor and Industries has filed two citations against Teutscher for performing work without certification and failing to obtain an electrical contractor's license.

L and I's Elaine Fischer says the violations are really about safety.

"We don't have any idea what his electrical experience is because it's not documented," said Fischer.

Dorothy's daughter Gina is glad the state stepped up and she's asking everyone to check the Labor and Industries Web site before hiring a contractor. That information would have saved her $500.

"It's just best to be on the safe side because it's a painful experience to learn otherwise," said Gina.

Teutscher already owes L and I $13,000 in unpaid violations.

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