EVERETT, Wash. - Police believe that three men accused of breaking into a Lake Stevens grocery are responsible for more than 140 burglaries in the Puget Sound area.

One Marysville detective, Dan Vinson, told The Everett Herald they considered burglary their career and would go out nightly.

The men have been charged in Everett District Court with the Feb. 17 break-in at Jay's Market in Lake Stevens where video showed three men crawling across the floor to steal a safe with more than $4,000.

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They are 49-year-old James M. Densmore, 44-year-old Byron J. Bowman, and his son 22-year-old Tyler B. Bowman.

Police from 30 agencies worked together to build a case against a burglary gang. There was a common pattern to the crimes, police say. Commercial buildings were being broke into using a pry-bar to break through the drywall. The burglars knew how to circumvent security systems. They mainly targeted taco restaurants with lax security.

Police say they got their big break in the case last month when a woman told them one of the men had been bragging about the burglaries. She recognized the suspect from TV news reports that included grainy surveillance images.

Police say Byron Bowman, who owns a dozen felony convictions, is also a suspect in the 1985 murder of 19-year-old Tira Snyder in her Lake Roesiger home. Detectives say Snyder surprised a burglar, who then killed her.

Tyler Bowman's career began at 13, when police say he was arrested driving a stolen Jeep. He was also caught breaking into the Everett Police Department's impound lot.

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