SEATTLE-- When many Americans open their Sunday paper, a historic moment will be staring back at them. For the first time, an advertisement for a cannabis company has been approved to run in The New York Times.

The full page ad right will be in Section A of the New York Times. It reads in part: Just Say Know. Congratulations on the passage of the Compassionate Care Act New York.

It s great. In this industry there s going to be a lot of firsts and it s great we re one of them, said Seattle-based Leafly co-founder, Cy Scott.

The company helps marijuana patients and consumers learn about 800 different strains, their effects, and the best dispensary, store or clinic near you.

We take a more mainstream position to cannabis and our ad reflects that and for the history books, it ll always look nice, Scott added.

The ad comes on the heels of New York s medical marijuana law passing in July, making it the 23rd state to do so.

It s really emblematic of a sea change in the conversation of marijuana law reform, said primary author of Washington s I-502, Alison Holcomb.

She said this ad just adds momentum to a wave of change already heading for D.C.

The real conversation needs to be when is Congress going to expand these laws? In a few years I think we will talk about national prohibition fallen.

The ad also follows last Sunday s New York Times editorial Repeal Prohibition, Again in favor of national marijuana legalization.

It s hard for me not to say: This Washington is leading that Washington, but that s really how I feel. I couldn t be more proud of this state, she added.

Legalization measures are now on the ballot in Oregon and Alaska.

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