COEUR D ALENE, Idaho.--A fugitive has been arrested by Coeur d Alene Police detectives and the North Idaho Violent Crimes Task Force. The kidnapping suspect was on the F dock of the Coeur d Alene Resort Marina around noon on Sunday.

Detectives were on the dock and noticed a 34-foot boat had its boat cover open. The owner stepped out of the boat and told detectives Standish was with him. Standish walked out behind the owner and was taken into custody.

The owner of the boat said he came to the marina to do some boat maintenance. He said he got on his boat and opened up the front galley area and saw Standish. He asked Standish to put his gun down and surrender and Standish complied according to the owner and police.

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Detectives said Standish was wet and cold from having been the water the night before. Standish told detectives that Coeur d Alene Resort security guards doing their nightly rounds on Saturday night spooked him and he jumped in the water.

Detectives said Standish was at the Resort Aviation pilot lounge at the Coeur d Alene airport on Saturday and was using their computers to send emails. Standish went undetected by other pilots while in the lounge according to police.

Standish has been charged with kidnapping a former girlfriend by gunpoint and holding her against her will on November 4.

Police said Standish let the woman out of her car near a law office in Coeur d Alene so she could drop off some paperwork. The woman escaped and called police. Standish took off in her vehicle and it was later discovered in the 600 block of Hubbard Avenue.

Standish indicated to detectives that he was upset over their breakup.

The investigation is continuing.

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