REDMOND, Wash. - When school starts next week, convicted sex offenders will be among the students on some campuses.

A King 5 viewer expressed concern about a level 2 sex offender being allowed to attend classes within the Lake Washington School district.

It is ridiculous that he is allowed to be in direct contact with 14-year-old girls with no oversight, the viewer wrote.

King 5 brought the concern to school district spokesperson Kathryn Reith who said, there is oversight as they deal with a handful of convicted sex offenders.

I am not aware of any in elementary, but I am aware of middle school and high school students, said Reith.

At least two high schools and one middle school in the district will count sex offenders among their school populations this school year.

According to the school district, first, the juvenile offender has to be released from incarceration by the courts. Before they step foot on campus there is a meeting with the student in question, their family, their probation counselor, and school administrators in order to develop a safety plan.

From the moment they step on campus until the moment they leave there may be an individual who is actually staying with that student, said Reith in regard to extreme cases.

She added that all juvenile sex offenders will be well-monitored, and if they break the rules their probation counselor is notified right away,

People may think it is unusual because it is Lake Washington School District, said Reith. We are a relatively affluent district, but every school district deals with this issue.
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