State Route 20 reopened at 10 a.m. Monday after crews for the Department of Transportation opened closure gates, restoring travel between the Skagit and Methow Valleys.

Eight mudslides closed the North Cascades Highway over a week ago on August 11. Crews cleared 3,000 dump truck loads of mud, boulders, trees and debris from the slides that covered a six-mile stretch.

MORE: Photos of the mudslides

DOT Workers also had to repair pavement, drainage and guardrails that had been damaged.

While the road has been reopened, drivers will face slowdowns from continued work to repair damage from the mudslides.

Initially, a storm caused two mudslides Saturday, August 10 that closed SR 20. By Sunday, six more slides between mileposts 149 and 155 covered the highway in as much as 25 feet of debris.

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