Ten days after a massive landslide destroyed homes on Whidbey Island, the community is coming together to help neighbors in need.

A fundraiser was held at Greenbank Farm on Saturday afternoon. For $20 at the door, guests enjoyed five hours of live music and food. All proceeds went to those families impacted by the landslide.

Gov. Jay Inslee also toured the slide area on Saturday.

We're going to work with the homeowners to make sure we can do whatever is legally allowed to help them, said Inslee. We'll have some insurance issues, there's also some geological issues we're going to have to sort out.

As Inslee walked the beach, he spoke with several residents along the way.

His visit came as a relief to some residents, who've been worried because their insurance policies, for the most part, do not cover damage caused by landslides.

Pretty much if you want something covered, they're not covering it, saidresident Sam Matthews.

His front porch directly overlooks the mound of debris that came crashing from the hillside last month. He's seen hundreds of people come by to see the damage, but perhaps even more important, Matthews says he's seen people coming to help.

I met a lot of people I didn't know, he said. So yeah, it's been a good community.

Evidence of that community-wide effort to support the landslide victims was everywhere on Saturday.

From the crews working to restore power to volunteers collecting firewood so that victims still without power can heat their homes - Whidbey Island residents pitched in any way they could.

Today is a good day to bring some help, said volunteer Peggy Burton. It's a community coming together to take care of each other. It's been a difficult existence for them, for the last week or so.

Inslee also vowed not to abandon residents in their time of need.

We want to make sure the state does whatever it can to figure out what actually happened here, he said. It's a very interesting, unique event. For two reasons - one, to understand it for insurance purposes, and second, to understand it to see if we can avoid risk.

Saturday's Food and Music Festival Fundraiser wrapped up at seven p.m., and raised more than $5,000.

Donations to the Whidbey Slide Relief Fund at Wells Fargo Bank can be deposited at any Wells Fargo location.

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