PUYALLUP, Wash. -- A Bonney Lake judge who's been in hot water with state regulators over his towing businesses, finds himself in trouble again.

Judge Ron Heslop has failed to pay a court judgment filed against his company, Engel's Towing, in 2008.

The incident took place in 2007 when an Engel's truck knocked down a fence at Lane and Judy Mikelson's Puyallup home. The Mikelson's took Heslop and his company to court and won a $759 judgment. Heslop tried to get the case thrown out of court but failed. The family's been waiting for payment ever since.

Over the past four years, Engel's Towing has been hit with fines from the state for, in part, illegally towing vehicles from private lots.

Judge Heslop says he does not have a judgment filed against him. And he says if the judgment is true, he will pay it.

Editor's Note: Judge Heslop has filed an appeal for charges against his other company, Puyallup Towing after this story aired.

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