REDMOND, Wash. -- Searches in Redmond and Bellevue wrapped up Saturday evening with no significant breaks in the search for missing two-year-old Sky Metalwala, Bellevue Police said.

We ve had a couple of almosts but neither of those panned out to anything, Bellevue Police Dept. Maj. Mike Johnson said at a 3:30 p.m. press conference.

About 140 search and rescue personnel fanned out into Redmond's Marymoor Park Saturday, with officers on foot and horseback searching through all areas of the park, while King County's Guardian One helicopter passed overhead.

Bellevue Police Dept. Maj. Mike Johnson said the search at the park was not prompted by new information developed by the investigation, but did generate one initially promising lead.

Some scent that was picked up near Mercer Slough near Marymoor Park, said Johnson, but once we investigated further, it was... going nowhere.

The target search pattern was a one-mile radius from the apartment where Sky lived with his mother Julia Biryukova, as well as a one-mile radius around the Bellevue location where Biryukova reported last seeing Sky.

We're going to ... retrace our steps, double check everything and make sure we haven't missed anything, said Johnson.

When asked if police would charge Biryukova with neglect for leaving her son alone in a car, a move that would force Biryukova to meet with investigators, Johnson said police appreciate the cooperation they've gotten from Biryukova and her attorney and they don't want to jeopardize that.

At this point, I am not going to say that we're going to rule out that option of making an arrest for a crime that occurred Sunday morning, but at this point we're not going down that road, he said.

Johnson said his team is examining the issue of criminal investigation versus missing person investigation and he'll have more answers about that on Monday.

The FBI is assisting with international and national support.

We've been in touch with some of Julia's family members overseas through the FBI, and they've been a big help to us on that, he said.

At Saturday morning's press briefing, Johnson said:

* 140 personnel are involved in today's search. Agencies involved in the search include Bellevue and Redmond police departments, the FBI, King County Search and Rescue, Ski Patrol and Rescue Team, 4x4 Rescue, Explorer Search and Rescue, Northwest Horse Rescue, King County Search Dogs, Seattle Mountain Rescue and the King County Dive Team.

* Bellevue Police have still not heard from Julia Biryukova regarding their request that she meet in person with investigators. Investigators are confident that she remains in the area and that she has no plans to leave the area

* Police are considering the possibility that a family member or close friend may be caring for Sky in an unknown location.

It's one of the possibilities we have up on the board in the command post, Johnson said. If there are those that know that, we don't know that, and if there are family members or friends secreting Sky for some reason that we don't know of, we would just implore them to cooperate with us and let us know that so we can put an end to this.

* Investigators have been able to narrow the time period of interest to them. Sky was last seen by a person other than Biryukova two weeks before he was reported missing. Johnson said police have been able to narrow that two-week window of interest, though he declined to offer more specifics.

We're working on everything available to us to sort of paint a picture of what happened leading up to ... Nov. 6, when Sky disappeared, Johnson said.

Every hour that passes this case becomes more disappointing for us, that we haven't found something that leads to his discovery yet, said Johnson.

The Bellevue Police Department is asking anyone with information to call the hotline at 425-452-2564.

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