SEATTLE - No doubt you've noticed the price of gas is continuing to climb.

Many businesses that include a delivery service are considering adding a gas surcharge to make up for the loss in revenue with rising prices at the pump.

At Ballard Blossom in Seattle, operations manager Travis Treser carefully plans routes for flower delivery to save on any unnecessary fuel consumption.

We make more than 100 deliveries here every day, he said. With the area we cover, a 10 cent jump in gas prices can have a big affect.

Treser is also searching for other ways to save, like making his flower delivery drivers take right turns only to cut down on idle time waiting in the intersection to make a left turn across traffic.

Anything helps, said Treser.

Ballard Blossom is in a wait and see mode to determine whether to start imposing a gas surcharge to customers. The business upped its delivery prices when gas prices spiked in 2008. This year, it will take a little higher price to impose the fee again.

Meanwhile, the website has seen its site traffic triple in the past few weeks., operated by GasBuddy Organization, is a group of local Web sites designed to offer visitors a place to post and view recent local gas prices. Drivers can use the information to pinpoint the
lowest price in the area. has recently been seeing up to 2 million unique visitors a day.

Check Seattle-area gas prices.

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