SEATTLE -- President Mubarak's turnaround dealt a crushing blow to the Egyptian community in the Seattle area. Many of whom took the day off hoping to hear good news. They now brace for a new level of violence they fear will break out in their home country.

In their Bellevue home Thursday night Rafat Rashwan and Razan Al-Kudsi have been staring at the television.

We were very excited in the morning that we were going to watch a great moment that everybody has been waiting for, says Al-Kudsi.

We're deeply actually disappointed, says Rashwan.

We are really afraid of this, and just holding our hearts here, says Al-Kudsi. Hoping this bloody scene we won't see on t.v. tomorrow.

With their five children they watch millions in their home country march down the streets. Lawyers, actors, many faces they know.

It will be a disaster. We will see a loss of blood, fears Rashwan.

His family, along with the rest of the Egyptian-American community here, were crushed with disappointment, when President Mubarak spoke today.

He deserves what he's going to get he's just a stubborn dictator! says Ghada Ellithy, who watched the speech from a restaurant in the Seattle s University District.

Rashwan hopes for a harder line from President Obama. He always talks about a change, and now we ask for a change, he says.

Everything can be corrected afterwards, says Al-Kudsi. As long as we get freedom. This is the main goal.

Rashwan's import-export business has practically shut down because of the turmoil. The couple says it's a sacrifice they're willing to make, as long as Mubarak steps down.

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