STANWOOD -- A Stanwood man is recovering in Hawaii after a body surfing accident 10 days ago left him paralyzed.

Todd Duitsman is now awaiting a medical flight home to Seattle. That could cost his family more than $50,000. Duitsman was in the water with his kids and a few friends when the accident happened.

You wish you could rewind to that moment and make that wave not come, friend Bary Gould said. But it did, and he ended up hitting his head and pile driving into the bottom of the ocean.

My friend said, Your dad is not moving, Kaleb Duitsman recalled. I was like, No, he s going to be fine. That s not him.' I didn t know what to do.

Duitsman was immediately rushed to the hospital and has remained there for the last week and a half.

There s nothing that can describe the intensity that I know I m being prayed for, Todd Duitsman said. I ve got my security, my brother, to my protect me, and I ve got my nurse here, which is my wife. I m super, super blessed.

Duitsman s children have since returned home to Washington and they are looking forward to the day that their dad can once again join them. Despite the tough week, Duitsman remains optimistic.

Whatever God gives me at the end of the day is what I m going to take and run with, Duitsman said. I m not sure how that looks, but I want to come home and start working on everything that he s given me to get to work with.

The medical flight home could be extremely expensive, so if you re interested in helping the family there is information on the Facebook community page

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