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A popular Eastside chiropractor wants to help his patients feel and look their absolute best, so he's introduced a weight loss program that he says produces quick, and safe results. The program includes several products aimed at balancing hormones, metabolism and more. Some patients so far have lost as much as 30 to nearly 150 pounds, depending on how long they've been on it. The program is being adopted by more doctors and chiropractors around the country.

From Kirkland Weight Loss, Dr. Lyle Love joined Margaret to chat about the program, which targets 7 key areas to improve overall health and lose weight quickly and safely.

  1. Hormones
  2. Hydraytion
  3. Food and Diet
  4. Toxicity
  5. Thyroid Health
  6. Pain and Inflammation
  7. Metabolism

To learn more about this safe and effective natural weightloss option, call Kirkland Weight Loss at 425-720-8882 or visit his webiste:

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