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Clean-up crews with the Environmental Protection Agency were working Tuesday to remove hundreds of containers of hazardous chemicals from a Green Lake house.

The EPA released pictures of the containers in and around the home on 5th Avenue NE. Many of them were not labeled.

Just yesterday we pulled over 150 containers just off the back porch area, today we re probably going to pull an additional couple hundred, said Jeffry Rodin with the EPA. When we re done it s going to be well over 1,000 containers transported off-site.

Rodin said the homeowner stated that he had a background in chemistry and was doing research.

The EPA said the chemicals on the property appear to include elements or compounds of arsenic, benzidine, cadmium, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium nitrite, carbon tetrachloride, and vanadium pentoxide.

Crews are testing, categorizing and removing all the chemicals.

Rodin said there was no immediate threat to neighbors.

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