While guest host Kim Holcomb fills in for Margaret Larson this week, Margaret is in London, England doing some very special work for her charity, Burkitt's Lymphoma Fund for Africa.

The Seattle based organization treats the most common form of childhood cancer in Africa. It is curable for around $500 but children die because their families are too poor to get the care they need. The organization is working to change that.

The BFLA cookbook, which features many Seattle celebrities, including Seahawks Richard Sherman and Russel Okung, Mariners ace Felix Hernandez, and popular chefs andNew Day friends Ethan Stowell, Tom Douglas, and Thierry Rautureau among others! 100 percent of procceds go to BFLA.

The cookbook is available now and can be purchased HERE.

Margaret called into the show today to give an update on her trip!

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