ARLINGTON, Wash. -- As fate would have it last Saturday, an argument with her daughter kept Angela Durant from getting out the door.

I was late anyway, but I pulled up to the slide, and couldn't believe what I was seeing, Durant said.

If she would have been on time to work, she could have become a victim as she was commuting on highway 530.

Durant snapped photos on the east side of the slide where mud and debris over the road forced her to stop.

She was the first to call 9-1-1.

911: 911 what is your emergency?

Angela: Hi I'm in Snohomish County, I'm on 530, and there's a creek and [inaudible] has washed out 530. There's a roof of a house on 530.

It was day she will never forget Durant, like so many others, had a job on the Arlington side of the slide. She's now looking for work closer to Darrington.

I got a text message from a lady that said she needed a caregiver, and she's up in Concrete, so I have to remember to call her today, she said.

In the meantime, the single mother of two is doing what she can to help.

Right now, I've been volunteering, yesterday I was down at C-Post, directing dump trucks, Durant said. But everybody here's been really good to us. They gave me shoes, and this rain suit.

Some of her friends are among the missing, but she stays strong thanks to the small acts of kindness she and others experience every day.

She drug me over to her purse, pulled out all the money in her wallet, and gave it to me, she said.

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