SEATTLE-- Nearly a week after first learning its information had been compromised, the Archdiocese of Seattle and Internal Revenue Service held a meeting at Holy Rosary School Sunday night, hoping to give victims and potential victims details on the fraud case, while at the same time getting key information from them.

Holy Rosary School officials reported last Monday at least 13 staff and parents are victims of tax filing fraud, where criminals steal Social Security numbers and names, then file false tax returns and pocket the refund.

Sunday, around 100 people filed out of the school with manila folders in hand. Inside, IRS paperwork for people to put their information.

They said they'd run a check to make sure everyone was okay, explained attendee Mike Quinn.

The media was not allowed inside the meeting.

Afterwards, most people called the event helpful. Some were glad to be reminded possible identity theft extends beyond taxes.

Of course I'm concerned, said parishoner Mark Lorbiecki, I'm not sure if I'm at risk or if I'm not.

Investigators with the IRS and the Archdiocese decline to say just how widespread the data breach is, or where it may stem from.

However, administrators at several schools, along with the victims themselves, tellKING5 at least 80 people from six different parishes across the Puget Sound had their tax returns falsely filed.

Friday, Bishop Blanchet and O'Dea High Schools adjusted their schedules so staff could discuss the matter.

Below is information from the IRSand the Archdiocese on the tax filing fraud situation:

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