Hannah Williams looks at the door marked 'C-1' and shakes her head.

Don't feel safe at my own job, says the North Bend native, voice trailing. She works at a salon in the strip mall near Interstate 90 in North Bend. I usually go out that back door, and walk that way, and the incident happened a couple doors down. Makes me scared.

Police say they believe a man approached an employee outside C-1 on Sunday night, near closing time, and forced his way in. She called 911, and officers arrived to find her duct taped at her feet and wrists. She'd been stabbed in the chest, and sexually assaulted.

I feel an evil presence in this town. I want to get out of here, says Williams, who cites recent crimes, and a recent spike in heroin use as contributing factors. Everything, the heroin, that's like, I can't walk down the street without seeing one of my old friends, that I can't look at, cause they are not the same person.

They're living like they've been living that heroin camp life. Pale, sores, dragging a foot, says Rick Tarpley, who owens a Boardshop in the same strip mall. The attack was two doors away.

There have been some unsavory characters working here from time to time, he admits. (I've started) carrying our gun again. Got relaxed on it because of safety and serenity, but yeah. We're packing again.

I've lived here a long time. It's my home town. I can't tolerated people saying they don't feel safe, says Steve McCulley, Snoqualmie Police Chief. His department, as of Friday, is in charge of policing North Bend. I've heard a lot of frustration, seen it myself, from my family, my neighbor, and everyone else. And we moved to this beautiful area to be safe.

We have to step up our game, and be very proactive with law enforcement and tactics, he added. McCulley cautioned that it seems like there is some familiarity in this latest incident, and solid evidence was acquired at the crime scene. He's hoping to make an arrest soon.

In the meantime, the Chief says there will be more patrols around the strip mall.

He says the victim is recovering at Overlake Hospital and is in stable condition.

The restaurant was closed Monday.

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