Terri and Terrance Thomas have moved their family in Everett, but their belongings are in Florida. That s because of a nightmare of a move.

They picked our stuff up on the 5th of November and when it was supposed to be here it wasn't here, said Terri.

The Thomases paid $4,500 to move from Zephyrhills, Florida, to Everett. The family thought they were using a well-known company.

Ryder Moving and Storage, Ryder's nationwide that's what I thought, said Terri.

The Ryder Moving and Storage the Thomases used was not the well respected national Ryder truck rental company.

From the time they picked our stuff up I could never get a hold of them again, explained Terri.

The belongings left behind are very personal and precious, including family pictures and mementos.

Terrance was losing work as a handyman because some of his missing tools are irreplaceable.

A deeper look into Ryder Moving and Storage shows this is one troubled business. It has an F rating with the BBB, scores of complaints with the Florida Attorney General's office and the Federal Department of Transportation took the company out of service more than a month before the Thomases' move.

Detective Robert Rutkowski with the Broward Sheriff's Office is trying to reunite victims with their items.

For those we can retrieve the property for, we're contacting them and unfortunately they have to fly into south Florida to identify their property, said Detective Rutkowski.

It appears Detective Rutkowski found the Thomases goods. Terrance cashed out $5,000 from his 401K and flew to Florida to meet with the detective. Once in Florida, Terrance rented a U-Haul and loaded up two months full and $4,000 worth of emotion.

I just don't know how anybody could live with themselves doing this to somebody, said Terrance.

The man behind Ryder Moving and Storage is Josh Socher. He says the Thomases paid $4,500 just for pick-up and the delivery was another $4,500. He's blaming his chief operating officer for the Thomases situation.

We didn't do anything to hurt anybody, we didn't scam anybody, said Socher. I'm a victim based on my COO, on what he did to me. He split and ran and left when it wasn't my department and I wasn't experienced in it.

Before you move, check with the BBB and research the company through the USDOT website Also, never sign blank documents and get a binding estimate so the mover can't hit you with added charges at delivery. If not, you could end up like the Thomases, left thousands of miles away from their goods.

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