It s an understatement to say that Seahawks fans are getting super- excited for the Super Bowl. Of course they are. Sarah Kessler is one of those super fans. She s not heading to New Jersey though. She's disappointed, naturally. Sarah is staying right here in Puget Sound doing the next best thing. She s showing her Seahawks pride, and showing off her buddy Wilson.

I figured this would be a unique way to show my pride, said Keller.

It s unique alright.

Wilson is a pony. Sarah has 16 ponies at home. More on that in a bit. All week her prized possession, Wilson, has been decked out in blue and green. We caught up with the duo at Pike Place Market the other day. Actually we caught up with the trio. Another of Sarah s ponies, Tinkerbell, all dressed up in pink, came along to add to the Seahawks support. Heads turned.

He ll bring us good luck for the Superbowl, said a fan who had to stop and pet Wilson. Wilson? After Russell Wilson? Awesome. I love it, she exclaimed.

Sarah believes there are many similarities between her Wilson and the other Wilson, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Well, they re both small and mighty, said Sarah, who owns a business called Dreamland Ponies-- ponies for hire for parties and events. They both run really fast. They ve both team players. This little Wilson thinks he s quite the leader. He s a good sport, and he has very good vision.

Hopefully all those things will come into play Sunday for the other Wilson. Until then, Sarah and her Wilson are doing their part to show their pride and getting fans even more excited about the big game than they already are. Her show of support gives new meaning to the term 12th Man. Sarah agrees.

12th Man, 12th Pony, she said laughing.

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