January 31st marks the beginning of the lunar new year. To celebrate, Blue Ribbon Cooking School is hosting a hands on dim sum cooking class.

Dim Sum means a dot on the heart, or the eating of little delicacies to touch the heart. As you may know, it's an early morning or afternoon tradition of a meal composed of steamed and fried dumplings along with a variety of bite sized wrapped foods and pastries served with tea.

Their class will embody these traditions and show that they can easily be made in the home kitchen.

Blue Ribbon's director, Vanessa Volkman drops by with a preview of the class and shows us how to make pork buns and cilantro chicken dumplings!

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Blue Ribbon Cooking School is hosting a fulldim sum cooking classJanuary 31st at 6:30pm, at their culinary center on Lake Union.

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