SEATTLE-- A student at Eastside Catholic High School released part of an interview with the school's former Vice Principal Thursday, in which he claims he did not resign, but was fired, contrary to information from administrators.

KING 5 was only allowed to view one minute of the forty-five minute interview. The family who conducted the interview plans to release more soon.

Zmuda left Eastside Catholic last Friday, after administrators learned he had married another man over the summer.

His departure led to student protests and an online campaign to get the Catholic Church to reverse its position on gay marriage.

Zmuda has not spoken publicly about the situation, but in his interview with student Caterina Crittenden said, When Iwas told [about being fired], Iasked why I was being terminated. They said, 'because Iviolated Catholic teachings.'

Iasked 'if it was a breach of contract,' continued Zmuda, They said 'no'. Isaid, 'did it have to do with my job performance or evaluations' and they also said 'no.'

Last week, school President Sister Mary Tracy said it was a church decision, not a school decision, adding that if Zmuda had not resigned, he would have been fired.

Thursday, Sister Mary Tracy would not address Zmuda's claim that he was terminated.

However, she did say she made a last-minute offer to Zmuda.

Isuggested to dissolve the marriage to save his job, said Sister Tracy, Iwas trying to hang onto him.

She said she was not proud of the offer, but owned it.

Students plan to hold another protest onSaturday at Eastside Catholic High.

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