Federal unemployment benefits are set to expire Saturday for more than one million people, including tens of thousands in Washington.

This extra lifeline wasn't included in the latest budget deal that Sen. Patty Murray helped craft with Rep. Paul Ryan.

Murray says she's extremely disappointed and is working on another bill to extend the benefits for three months.

Not only will these families lose benefits, but the nonpartisan congressional budget office has said that our economy will lose over 200,000 jobs if we do not extend these benefits, she said.

As a result of Congress not extending long-term unemployment benefits, nearly 25,000 people across Washington will lose their benefits Saturday. These are workers who've been out of a job for more than six months.

Poll results show 55 percent of Americans want Congress to extend benefits. Only 33 percent do not.

Congress started sending out checks five years ago during the recession.

In Washington alone, the program has provided about $6.3 billion in unemployment benefits to more than 450,000 people out of a job.

Critics say the economy is improving and many Republicans say it's time to get rid of the long-term benefits.

If people think we need two years of unemployment insurance they should come forward and say we want to raise the taxes and contributions of employers and employees, said Sen. Rand Paul.

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