NEAR FIFE, Wash. - It's all in good fun, says Aasheesh Shravah as he admires a certain billboard on the Internet.

The New York resident was part of the 49ers fan group, which raised thousands of dollars to erect a team billboard in Seattle.

Over the weekend, it went live. It shows off the 49ers five Super Bowl trophies, but it's nowhere near CenturyLink Field. The digital billboard is just north of Fife, about 27 miles from downtown Seattle.

Shravah says after Hawks fans bought a brick at the new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara, and flew a banner over Candlestick Park, his group wanted to return the favor.

The banner was the last straw, he said with a laugh, on the phone Monday.

But he said, his group was limited by a lack of digital billboards in the Seattle area, and it would not have made financial sense to pay for a painted one.

We're pretty sure Hawks fans will see it there, sayid Shravah, who noted that Seattle fans are missing an important part of the display.

He says his group raised $11,000 for the effort, through the fundraising site, and a good portion ($4,000) will be donated to Seattle's Childrens Hospital.

We always said he wanted to do something for charity, said Shravah, who noted Seahawks fans are returning the favor to San Francisco.

Another gofundme site (

) has popped up urging Seattle fans to donate to the UCSF Children's Hospital. So far, it has raised roughly $8200, according to the site.

You don't see alot of good like this in Dallas or New York, among Cowboys and Giants fans, said Shravah, who adds that the billboard should be in place through the NFC Championship game.

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