Some things are worth waiting for. Waiting for the doors to open at the Doney Clinic in Pioneer square is one of them, especially when you can t afford veterinary care.

Kimberly can t. That s why she brought her precious beagle Daphne to the clinic.

She has a lump right here, Kimberly said, pointing to Daphne s stomach.
She s hoping the veterinarians will be able to give her peace of mind and give Daphne the medical care she needs.

For more than a quarter century the clinic has been offering free veterinary care for low income residents, many of them homeless. The clinic is open on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month.

The Doney clinic is run by volunteers and funded by generous donors.
Veterinarian volunteer Dr. Stan Coe believes in the clinic s mission, which is to give back.

It makes you feel good because you re giving them something they wouldn t be able to have otherwise, Coe said.

Kimberly is especially grateful today. Volunteer veterinarian Dr. Emily Grossman drew fluids from Daphne, and will let Kimberly know about the test results in a few days. Kimberly is keeping her fingers crossed.

In addition to the veterinary care, a pet food bank is also available at the clinic.

If you d like to learn more about the Doney Clinic go to

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