Here is a look at what media around the country are saying about the Seahawks and Giants ahead of their Sunday match-up.

NY Giants won t trash mighty Seahawks |NYDaily News

After guaranteeing wins against the Chiefs and Cowboys, Big Blue is staying quiet before Seattle matchup.

Seahawks could give Cruz what he craves | ESPN

(Wide receiver Victor) Cruz says he takes it as a compliment that opposing coaches are scheming for him and concentrating extra attention his way. As for what Seattle will do, he's hopeful but not certain. -- Dan Graziano

Marshawn Lynch plans for DUI trial |ESPN

It's likely we will get this postponed until after the Super Bowl, (attorney Ian) Golde said Tuesday.

2013 Seahawks defensive stats: Seattle is very good at what matters to Pete Carroll | SB Nation

After 13 games, I think it's easy to see what is important to the Seahawks and what isn't. I think Pete Carroll has some pretty ambitious goals for this team, and I when I look at the statistical tables, Seattle ends up ranking in the top 5 in almost every category that matters to Pete Carroll. -- DavisHsu

Wilson not interested in baseball, but some think he should be |Pro Football Talk

Wilson s 'Go Hawks!' attitude is refreshing, but if he carries that mindset too deeply into his career, he s going to get hosed. Having options means having leverage. -- Mike Florio

NY Giants remove Super Bowl countdown calendar |

All season long, the Around The League gang has been sticking a fork in teams we don't believe can make the playoffs. This week, the wandering New York Giants forked themselves. -- Marc Sessler

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