TACOMA, Wash. - Despite the foggy, icy conditions early Sunday morning, investigators said speed caused the death of an 18-year-old on Highway 16.

Around 7:45 Sunday morning, Zack Davis lost control on the elevated interchange between I-5 and Highway 16 and hit the jersey barrier.

He wasn't hurt and called his mom for a ride. But before help arrived another car lost control and slammed into Davis' car. A total of six cars ended up in the pile-up.

He did everything right, said Trooper Guy Gill. He stayed in his car like we talk about, he had his seatbelt on.

For the next day-and-a-half, Davis' loved ones held vigil at the hospital. On Monday night, Zack Davis died.

I miss him a lot, said Maegan Curtis, who described herself as Davis' best friend.

Curtis and Davis graduated from Curtis High School in University Place in June. She went back to the school to talk to past teachers about Davis Tuesday.

Curtis said Davis was the kind of person she could talk to about any problem she was having. She was wishing for him Monday.

I just don't have that anymore, said Curtis.

While investigators say icy conditions contributed to the crash, speed made it deadly.

It happened on an overpass, always the first place to freeze and last to thaw, said Gill. They're elevated, they get air underneath them so the decking is subject to getting colder than other roadways.

Washington State Patrol detectives said Davis was driving too fast for the conditions and so was the driver behind him, who crashed into Davis. That driver will be cited.

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