How would you like to pay a toll to cross I-90 to help pay for the rest of the 520 project? The Washington Department of Transportation is proposing the idea and is asking the public for comment.

At Mercer Island High School, where the second of three public forums was being held Monday, the overwhelming majority of people were upset about the proposal.

Mercer Island is an area that could be hit especially hard by tolls since they have to go on I-90 to leave the island. The public forum addressed concerns and possible solutions, such as only tolling one way or tolling only on HOV lanes, even giving Mercer Island residents free or discounted tickets. But most people who attended the forum were not in the mood to compromise on the issue.

So our input to you for the EIS scoping is clearly and unequivocally it is wrong and don't toll I-90 - period, said one person who attended the forum.

People rely on I-90 for work and their livelihoods, and so there are a lot of concerns, a lot of questions, said WSDOT spokesman John White.

One of the questions is also how much the toll would be. WSDOT says it would be similar to the pricing system of 520.

The third and last public forum on the issue will be this Wednesday, October 23, in Seattle at the Northwest African American Museum from 4 p.m.-7 p.m. Read more information on the proposal on WSDOT's blog.

KING5's Mitch Pittman contributed to this report.

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