SEATTLE -- A Brooklyn, NYband touring the west coast had a trailer full of instruments, equipment and clothes stolen overnight in Portland, just hours before their show in Seattle.

The members of San Fermin managed to rent, buy or borrow enough gear to play their Capitol Hill show Saturday night, but had to cancel a performance in Vancouver, BC.

We lost everything bigger than a bread box, explained band leader Ellis Ludwig-Leone, We will be on the road for a month-and-a-half and now we don't have any equipment. We either have to find a lot of money quickly or rent.

San Fermin played Friday night at Bunk Bar. They parked their trailer in the parking lot at the Red Lion hotel.

Ludwig-Leone discovered the items stolen Saturday morning, and also noticed another band's trailer had burn marks on it, indicating a torch may have been used to cut the locks.

In all, roughly $30,000 in gear, guitars, drums, clothes and other electronics were taken.

The band plans to fly back to the east coast, then determine how to fulfull a tour there and a trip to Europe.

It's a situation that reminded Ludwig-Leone of one of his band's songs, one that could not be played because their acoustic guitar was stolen.

'I don't think of you when I'm missing you.' I think we're all thinking about it, he said, We're missing it right now.

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