It's a trend that's making some moms and dads flat out hate Halloween: racy costumes designed for teens and children.

Are the outfits going too far? We took that question to a costume store in Bellevue.

Kyra Stewart opened 'A Masquerade Costume' almost fourteen years ago. The shop stays open year-round, but October is by far their busiest month.

During the middle ofSeptember to October 31st, that six weeks is harvest time, she said. I'd say probably 30 percent of my annual income comes from that six week period.

Stewart says she's reluctantly added risque costumes to the adult section of her store, because as much as she hates to admit it, sex sells.

I cave into it because consumers demand it, said Stewart.

She draws the line, though, when it comes to the children's section. For the past years, she's noticed more and more 'sexy' costumes being made for kids, but chooses not to sell the racy items in her store.

I think the main trend is about growing up too early. I'm very much about the preservation of childhood, she said.

Parents like Julie and Darren Spencer agree with that policy, and say it's the reason they return to 'A Masquerade Costume' every Halloween, to help their kids find costumes.

The hardest thing is that we want to try to be unique, but age appropriate, said Julie.

After trying out a few options, their eight-year-old went home with an angle-length pirate costume the entire family felt comfortable with.

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