He gained fame on the 10th season of American Idol, but long before that, Stefano Langone starred onstage for Kentwood High School's performing arts department. Now he's back in Kent and giving back to the program that taught him so much.

Langone signed a contract with Hollywood Records after his time on television and has been recording music ever since.

OnMonday, KING5 caught up with him inside the Performing Arts Department at KentwoodHigh School.

It's definitely like a blast from the past, but in the best possible way, said Langone. I haven't been back to this stage in years.

It just so happens his first visit back coincided with the rehearsal of the very last play Langone performed in while in high school.

To see it from the other side, it's incredible, he said. It's cool to come back and pay respect in that way.

He's also paying respect by helping the department raise money.

It's very disheartening to come home and see what this district and most districts around the country are doing, and it's about cutting the arts cutting the funding, saidLangone. To see how its affecting the school and the community is really sad to me, because it prohibits the kids from really getting the best out of that experience.

That's why he's teamed up with his former high school for Kentwood Idol, which is held each year to raise money for its choir program.Ten talented students are chosen to perform, and Stefano will be participating as a judge, but he didn't want to stop there.

He'll also perform a set of his own music, as part of a benefit concert to raise money for the program he credits with making him the person he is today.

I mean, this is the real deal, it's going to be a cool show, he said. It is a cause that is very, very personal for me. It's about the school, the district, it's about this community coming together on Friday night for a great show, great music, and to support their kids.

Presale Tickets for the show are just $12 online, but are expected to sell out quickly. You can get your tickets and learn more information by clicking here.

The show is set for 6:30 p.m. and will be held at the school.

All proceeds will go directly to the Performing Arts Department at Kentwood HighSchool.

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