Danielle Mulkins is a working mom who's getting settled in a new house. The last thing she has time for is a fight with her former cable company - Comcast.

It's irritating, expressed Mulkins.

Mulkins dropped Comcast when she moved because her new home already had the cable provider. When she returned her equipment, she went to an Xfinity store in Puyallup.

They had a big drop box outside and asked me to stick it in there. They wouldn't take it in the store, explained Mulkins.

Here's the problem - when you use the drop box you don't get a receipt. So you have no proof you returned the equipment.

Being a new store, I didn't think it would be an issue, said Mulkins.

But it turned out to be an issue. A couple of months after returning the equipment, Danielle got a notice saying her account would be charged $320 because Comcast never received her equipment. And she's not alone. Lots of other viewers have contacted me with the same issue.

How am I liable for it when you told me to put it in a box? asked Mulkins.

Danielle said Comcast told her it would look for the equipment. But after months with no answers, Mulkins felt the only solution was to not pay her final bill.

Basically, if I pay that and give into it, then they're going to come after me for the equipment as well and send that to collections as well. What's the point? said Mulkins.

Comcast said it processes millions of equipment transactions each year and the vast majority are handled accurately. But if that's the case, why does it take so darn long to find the missing boxes?

Get an answer; find out where the equipment is; something. Find out what's going on, exclaimed Mulkins.

Danielle contacted me and I got in touch with Comcast. And what do you know - a couple of days later the company found her missing equipment.

Honestly, what would you do with a Comcast box if you don't have Comcast service? said Mulkins.

Bottom line - always get proof of your return. If a person in the store can't help you call Comcast and have them send a technician to pick up your equipment or mail you a box so you can return it.

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