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A volunteer horse logger is helping to protect Seattle s electricity supply.

Wes Gustafson, owner of The Wood n Horse Company in Snohomish, is using a team of Belgian and Shire horses to skid logs up to 20 inches in diameter along the City Light transmission line corridor to the horse arena at the park.

It s an opportunity to show people that there s more to logs than just firewood, said Gustafson.

Gustafson, along with Clyde and Java, started work Saturday and expected to finish the job Sunday.

It goes at horse pace, he said.

The Douglas fir and maple logs Gustafson was moving and milling were recently cut down by Seattle City Light after being identified as having structural defects or for being situated too close to the lines. Under federal regulations, City Light is required to maintain its transmission line corridors to prevent trees from contacting and damaging the high-voltage lines.

Bridle Trails State Park is a popular equestrian park three miles north of Bellevue. The park has a variety of equestrian trails and horse shows.

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