SEATTLE -- Concern over teen drug and alcohol abuse has some West Seattle parents coming together. An overdose incident involving four teens, in August, has a group of moms calling for more community involvement.

They ve organized a community meeting for Thursday October, 10th. The meeting will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the Library at West Seattle High School but it was primarily organized by the parents.

Some of their children were involved in an overdose from cough medicine and they don't want to see other families go through the same thing. Charmaine Rhea said she had talked to her daughter about the issue.

I had a conversation with her less than 10 days before; specifically about pills she explained. Her 14-year-old was one of the teens who took the dangerous amount of cough medicine.

All the teens recovered from the overdose, but for the parents it became a tipping point.

It's about making people aware of what's going on said Rhea.

They believe part of the problem stems from issues at Hiawatha Park, which is right next to the High School. Some in the community have seen empty beer bottles there and say everyone needs to get involved before things get worse.
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