KIRKLAND-- A group of 16 homeowners will present a petition to the Kirkland City Council this week asking it to redraw its historic boundary with Yarrow Point, and let them change where they live. The unusual request has perplexed some elected officials in both towns, and could take up to a year to become reality.

The neighborhood is located next to Yarrow Bay Wetlands along 96th Ave NE, which separates them from the rest of Kirkland. Construction on SR520 has also created a man-made divide.

We're really talking about completing a separation that the government made already, said petition leader Chris Hanak, We feel more associated with Yarrow Point.

In addition to the geographic anomaly, Hanak said property tax assessments for Kirkland instead of Yarrow Point has adversely impacted their land value.

We hope the folks in Yarrow Point want us and the folks in Kirkland see that it makes sense, Hanak explained.

Though lacking any apparent opposition, the petition has been greeted with curiousity by council members in both Kirkland and Yarrow Point.

Even talking to some people who have broader experience, it's very unusual for a group of people to want to change their location, said Yarrow Point councilman Carl Scandella.

Scandella said the petition was presented to his council earlier in September. Kirkland's city council will formally recieve it this week.

Any decision would need the approval of Kirkland, Yarrow Point and the King County Boundary Commission, Scandella said. The process could take a year.

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