TACOMA, Wash. -- Tacoma police now have two men in custody in connection with an August 31st robbery and fatal shooting. 54-year-old Larry Howse was killed in the parking garage of his apartment building.

Detectives say two suspects had followed Larry Howse into the parking garage at the Sky Terrace Condominiums last month. They robbed him, shot him and ran away. Police believe he was randomly targeted.

For the past month, family members say they've been hoping and praying for an arrest.

You just ask yourself a million times over, why? said his brother, Dave Howse.

On Thursday,Howse got the phone call he says was an answered prayer.

I believe it was around four this afternoon, a detective called me and said they had an arrest, and this person confessed to being there, he said.

Afew hours later, police say they took a second suspect into custody at the PierceCountyCourthouse.

It can never bring my brother back, said Dave, although he does think the arrests will spare another family from this kind of pain. And so in that regard, even though he's gone, he's made a difference.

Tacoma Police say the two men now in custody will likely be charged with first degree murder and first degree robbery. They also say several other people might have helped cover up the crime. For that reason, more arrests could be on the way.

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